What is an Estate Sale?
Why should I consider an Estate Sale?
Why should we hire An Estate in Time, LLC?
In what other states does An Estate in Time conduct estate sales?
How many days will An Estate in Time hold my estate sale?
How long will it take to coordinate my sale?
Are there any legal requirements of the estate prior to contracting an estate sale?
What will I be charged by An Estate in Time to handle my estate sale?
When will I be paid?
Does An Estate in Time have insurance?
Will I need to help set up for my estate sale or provide any items for staging the estate sale?
How will you advertise my estate sale?
What happens once we sign an estate sale contract with An Estate in Time?
What happens if I want to sell some items for a specific price?
How do you price the merchandise to be sold?
Should I clean the house first or start throwing things away?
How will I know which items sold and at what price?
What happens to unsold leftover merchandise from my estate sale?
Can I be present during my estate sale?
What kind of payments does An Estate in Time accept?
Do you charge sales tax on the items sold at the estate sale?
Do you sell automobiles, motorcycles, RVs, or other large vehicles?
What do you do to deter theft during the sale?

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